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Learn Hindi with Vel Day Ten

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DAY TEN - 24.05.2012

Good morning friends!

Sorry again friends! This post comes after a long gap! Believe me, due to heavy schedule, the gap was unavoidable and I'm glad to announce you that this Spoken Hindi class has been completed almost in a mere 15 days. The rest of the classes are translations and meaning learning of words alone. The Hindi learning (Spoken) class has already been finished on 02.06.2012 i.e., exactly 15th day of my class (course).

I'm proud to announce that I have converted my course for attending the first exam in Hindi- Prathmic to be held on First week of August.

Thank you for the support rendered by all in posting this course.
Let us move in to the lesson

The following are the new set of words and their meanings which are coming in Lesson 10.

EXP LES 10 (A)


EXP LES 10 (B)

And the lesson is as follows,

LES 10 (A)

Meaning of 'गोरा' - fair, white
and the lesson contd..,

LES 10 (B)

and have a look at the following image and keep it in mind!

It would be coming in the following lessons.
That's it for the day Ten
Let us meet in Day Eleven soon.

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