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Yes it is possible.
But need a generation or two.
What is the need of change here?
Is it corruption demolishing the country from making developments in planning, execution and achievement?
then it should start from us. 
Yes, we are the first corrupter.
How?... Let us see it later!
We are studying about the honesty, principles, truth and other good habits in book. Can you remember how much was in the reality?
We are being taught good things by the culprits.
Forgive me! I do not mean the teachers in person (I respect them); but the society, the environment, the set up of management.
In this case, we, the once students, have not tend to eradicate the differences. And still we are talking about truth and corruption.
Our children have not been given opportunity to flourish genuine would also tend to do the same like us.

Then the whole process would continue in circle.

I hope we don't need the explanation for my sentence, now- We are the first corrupter.

Let us start thinking to implement the good things taught to us. To bring them in practice, so that the coming generation would love us and realize us to be their innovative ancestors.!!!

After all if we can't do it for the goodness of our children now, who will do it for them?

What is time!
How did you bind by it?

stay tuned for more updates and clarifications
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