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I am a biker! I am the safest biker of my own. I do not have any role model for it.

My first, own, two wheeler is HERO HONDA CD-DAWN. I bought it with the finance from HDFC BANK LTD. But now,today I am the proud owner of the vehicle.

I love the vehicle at the most for its credit by brand, passion and above all ,the mileage. It gives me the maximum possible mileage of around 65km in the City and up to 80 Km in the long drive.

The fond of driving my vehicle saw me crossed 8000 Kms in a short span of 6 months. The vehicle never dropped me in my travel at any time, even now. I followed the notifications given by the manufacturer and authorised service points.

I maintained the vehicle up to the standards of the manufacturer. In turn It never bite me with the charges.

Hero Honda became close to me, my family, as we love our vehicle that much. It is now hurting the split of tie up between Hero and Honda, as if happened in our life.

A father is the first living role model to his son and as my father was not interested in Two wheeler, I missed the role model and learnt driving of my own. I heard of my friends' race riding, wheeling their vehicles. I have nothing to comment about it as there is no information about that from the vehicle dealers.

I had an incident- thrown from the bike (Yamaha RX 135) once. The vehicle was my ex-boss's vehicle. When I drove and spoke in mobile (Hands free), I lost the balance and concentration in a steeply rising curve (A curvy raised road with deep cavum in its two sides through out) and the vehicle got down from the road to sand alongside and suddenly I put both the brakes (i do not remember whether simultaneously or any one first) the bike turned 180degrees while thrown and laid down and as so me too.

It was a painful one on that day and even now, I remember, the school boy (7th Standard) who sat on behind me, holding my bag, also been thrown. When I stood I was searching for him, feared to be under the bike. But I was feeling happy even in the pain when the boy called me "Anna (Brother), I am here". He was standing after that Steep Cavum. Then I laughed in relax, when he said I was saved by your bag as he was rolled along with the bag in ground.

That was my last instant I was riding with speaking in mobile.

As I am riding on my bike to home, grounds and places where I want to,

I am a biker.

I am determined to follow certain things while riding in bike
  • to wear helmet while driving it
  • to follow the traffic rules and signals
  • not to talk in mobile while driving
  • to keep the speed limit constant to the green area pointed in the speedometer
  • to start early to reach soon (instead of riding fast)
  • to use rear view mirrors to view rear running vehicles (not our own face)
As I am following the above strictly, I am a genuine biker of my own.

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[Note: Now I exchanged it with my father-in-law as he suffered trouble in driving his bike and He, the Hero is serving him] 
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