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My diary 27th April

A very good evening friends!
I have got something surprising from my heart diary for today
First, Latest surprise!?!
News: Sachin Tendulkar nominated by the President of India as Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament
The news itself is unbelievable and still doubting to rely on it. If anybody will confirm it, "Yes he is MP now!". I feel happy for him now.
Tweeting comments, conversations going on and blog posts by popular sports ' websites are really embarrassing.
Who will win today in the match between Delhi and Mumbai?
Have to prepare, to go to Chennai for seeing IPL match between Chennai and Punjab.
And then
Purchased some shorts and pants for my lovely kids. 
Find difficult to manage time between work and cricket
Laziness is increasing like a mountain
Looking forward to the knock out match on Sunday
Dreaming to see the kids receiving their clothes.

What to do on that day?

How to be on that month?

Where should be on that year?

How are you now?

How did you come here?

I think ,I pretend to become a farmer.
I have not yet started to learn the basic.
At least what is Agriculture? [if I am really interested in Agriculture]
I determine this day, this moment (7.30am), to learn a single new thing about Agriculture. The way of Agriculture, the duration, the maintenance and improvement.

The day is ending with lot of questions unanswered.
Still I am carrying it on.
Thank you for spending time in the recap of my heart diary
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