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On an another cloudy evening!,
Good evening friends
The travel from one place to another is quite refreshing. Especially on a working day, travelling on leave, it is a big feeling of relief
That too by train is quite a different atmosphere.
We pretend to be decent, clever & beautiful when we are at a new place and with unknown persons. We try our best to attract ourselves with our mannerisms.
(Friends! don't take it serious. just take that 'we' as 'me' alone)
I remember the smile of a baby, who traveled with me for two stations and his/her bye with a smile, the fight with a passenger of open ticket holder for seat, passenger-friendly TTR (Oh! when I search for the abbreviation, I found my mistake) it's TTE and not TTR (Travelling Ticket Examiner), who talked and verified the tickets of the passengers in a friendly manner, the long, unavoidable, painful, sitting travel, change of co-travelers irregularly, the different modulation of a single language within the 400 Kms (Tirupur to Chennai), the different languages in single compartment and the full rush in the Central even on a working day, a sudden change in temperature-heat when entering/reaching Chennai area.

Of all the above, a new word "Idhuvum Kadanthu Pogum" -"This too will pass"

The IPL T20 match in Chepauk Stadium between Kings XI and Chennai Super Kings on a hot day. The business around the match from entry to exit. The money in advertisement, management, security and organizing the match is quite big and no one will lose anything in this business.

With the profit from a match, each and every single member involved in business in relating to the match could spend a month even without any other income or work.

A cup of water (150 to 200ml) costs Rs.10/-, A cup of 7up-Lemon flavor costs Rs.25/-, three Vadais with Chutney costs Rs.50/-.

An hotel in Central Railway station is charging Rs.120/- for a limited South Indian Special meals (Up to me, the excess price is only the special thing in the dish)

Last but not least!
When you plan to travel, be prepared for the unexpected as we do not know everything or we could not read and learn everything. The moment, you are living is real and a good teacher. Better, stick to the basics of our homely liveliness than to get disappointment in the name of curiosity.

If we control our tongue and stomach to the standard daily diet, your purse may be saved-Brain Says
If we close our eyes (not seeing those new things), no chance of opportunity for disappointment-Wisdom Says
Then why should we go, How could we enjoy them without facing- Heart Says

What is the difference between Brain, Wisdom, Heart?- Conscience Says

See you friends
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