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Learn Hindi with Vel Day Five

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DAY FIVE - 18.05.2012
There is an another rule to be noted.
* The symbol should (a half moon with a dot on top as shown below in the figure) be read as 'ing' sound when come above a letter, after pronouncing that letter.
* That too varies according to the next letter
    1. 'ing' if the next letter is in 'ka' series i.e. ka,kha,ga,gha
    2. 'inch' if the next letter is in 'sa' series i.e. sa, cha, chah, ja, jha
    3. 'in' - 'ण ' if the next letter is in 'ta' series
    4. 'inth' or 'in' - 'न' if the next letter is in 'tha' series
    5. 'm' for all other letters as the next letter.
Note: For 1 to 5 above, the writing would be only a dot above that letter (not as like for main 'ing' (half moon with a dot on top))

Rule 2
The following picture shows an example for that (how to read and write)
First is "Aankh" - 'आँख'   - Eye
Third is "Thandt" - 'दंड'   - Punishment
Rule 2 Contd

The following pictures show the samples of 3 letter & 4 letter word and a hand written copy of combination of letter along with printed copy.

3  & 4 letter words & combo of letters 

The hand written copies are to realize some confusions (practical difficulties) that arise while we write. [Proverb: Others' mistakes are lessons for an Intelligent]


We are going to move in to the lessons from tomorrow and the following are preliminary explanations (ref. picture)
Try to read letters as we learnt earlier.
The next post would bring you the lessons with Tamil, English, Kannada, Telugu meanings for new Hindi words which we learn.

Intro Lesson 1

This is for today and I am being directed to do Lesson 1 to 4 in Home and should read in Center.However, you take notes of this day's class and let us see the remaining, tomorrow!
Have a nice day

Hint: Stick to the basics while learning to write Hindi letters. That would help you to write letters easily and technically right since some letters are more often looks identical.
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