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Learn Hindi with Vel Day Four

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DAY FOUR - 17.05.2012
Hope you all would do home work properly and after that,

1. How to write a consonant and its vowel when combined
The video gives information about writing a combination of a vowel and its consonant.

2. Share of Explanation of Hindi Letters
I found the following image in Omniglot website to be useful for our study.
Have a look at it and recap your memory.


3. Basic rules of Reading Hindi Letters
  1. When short letters like 'क', 'ण', 'र' and so on come as last letter of a word, they should be pronounced/read as 'K', 'N', 'R' and so on.
  2. When long letters like 'क़ा', 'णा', 'ऱा' come as last letter of a word, they should be read as such.
  3. This is applicable for a two and three letter word.
  4. For a four letter word, we should split to 2 + 2 and read the first second and second second letter as mentioned in 1 above. (If it is a long letter, no need to convert and read)
  5. For a five letter word, usually a letter would be written in special as we read and saw in Sub Heading 1 above (Consonants + its Vowels)
Have a look at the video to get clear about the rules said above

Look at the words below (two letters) and try to read as per the rule 1.

2 Letter word
Sample pronunciation for I line is 'ab', 'aaj' and 'ek'. Try to read and write the words, minimum 5 times. It will help you to inch closer to the language and to improve your language handwriting

The following video is an evident of such an home work. I hope it would also be helpful for you.

Practice makes man Perfect!!!
So practice along side to learn Hindi
Stay tuned for more updates
Courtesy: MAHA KAVI tuition center, Tirupur
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