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Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation was happier than anything during my school days as I went to Grandma's house and used to spend leave days with  doing nothing other than watching TV and playing in rill for more than 2 hours a day.

That was marvelous!!!

But for today
It is feeling like SO HOT IN DESERT
HOT-due to summer season
DESERT-my family in vacation to my uncle's house

What a contrast?

Gains: NIL!!!!!??????????

  • The family- Heart of a soul
  • Kisses of the kids
  • Growth of the kids
  • Can you guess?, which is the drawing board of my kids? looking plain and blank. It is nothing than my back and front!!!!???
  • The moment of lunch taking in home when she use to stood on my lap by hugging my neck and playing
  • the joy of kids waiting for me in the eve!
When we list them all, it become endless and I wish to control myself!

It is worthier than anything / all, to spend time with your family. Even during an ill situation there is a satisfaction to live with.

You are not going to earn all with money, to win everything in your life time if you could not convince / satisfy your own family.

I wish to share an another thinking which I struck to, while bathing.
" Being nun is like travelling in a Boat or Ship in the Sea called Life. But being family man is like swimming in the Sea called Life"

Quote: Who knows this life for what? to where? and finally why?

I do not say this here to establish being a Nun is greater than being a family man. Avoiding the problems, of course is a half done diagnosis of complex but solving the problems make you stronger when you sustain!

Last!, but the thing to be remembered most!!!

Until a person get an opportunity to slip, All are good!
The person who is perfect even when he was offered a chance to misbehave is, GOD
The person who overcomes those options after some oscillations is, an example to the fellow being
The person who fell down to the situations is very common and the loser.

Let us try first, not to be a loser!
and second raise our strength to be a winner always
Have a nice vacation friends!!!
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