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A topmost issue of an young family man!
Even for my father, His hair turned white in his twenties. He had not colored hair colored till his age of 40 (I was studying SSLC).
My hair is also becoming white like my father and it is now about 30 to 35% of the hair is white. I was concerned about it and avoided to hair color and try to find the solutions by nature. But my wife is more concerned about it than me and insisted to dye hair in to black.
After a long time of thinking, I choose to hair color over stabilizing it by nature. I queried for many products, methods, compositions and like other Indians, the Advertisement in homes won."பத்திரமா பாத்துக்கங்க !"- Take Care
Garnier Colour Naturals!
And after a deep thinking, I chose Dark Brown Shade
(I do not prefer to be normal like black to white to black)
I think-may be- all the persons chose those shades when they use for the first time.
after selecting the brand and shade there stands a tallest of all the problems
Application, Maintenance, Frequency and finally the price!
But luckily there was no difficult in that since the Garnier website itself provides enough suggestions, application procedures and frequency of hair coloring. Of which the first two are OK and the third-frequency of coloring has to be verified practically. 
Even though they explained, we love to have some sort of more advise in the working order.
Purchase the pack (It costs around 130/-. It contains two packs-Paste like cream and a developer, two polythene hand gloves)
You need to purchase- a non metallic bowl, hair coloring brush and a comb
Pierce the cream in to the bowl and then add developer to it and stir well with the hair coloring brush so that the cream and developer got mixed well up like a paste (smooth in texture)
Apply immediately, the mixture to the roots of the hair first and leave no hair or root missed. And apply to the top edges of the hair. Complete the full head with coloring paste. When we use for the first time, better go for the second coating.
Better avoid the mixture in contact with your skin while coloring and if so, clean it immediately with a wet cloth so that the color do not stick to your skin.
Note that the remaining mixture cannot be stored. So check your hair for miss with the comb and go coloring if required.
Leave it for 30 minutes and wet the hair and lather for 1 to 2 minutes and wash well with water.
That's all! your hair coloring is over.
In the middle, it is going to be a good entertainment for your kids to know the fact and a good chase for you to avoid them in contact with the dyes. It was for me!
My hair was colored by my wife. We both were in curiosity, how would it be?
Too good! She had done her aim, won at last! But it was a happy day for both of us and of course for my kids.
The day was 23.04.2012 and looking forward to calculate the frequency.

Before Hair Coloring
After Hair Coloring
After Hair Coloring

After 10 days-Angle 01
After 10 days-Angle 02
After 10 days-Angle 03

Above, are the clippings of mine for proof. The manufacturer strongly recommends to conduct sample test before hair coloring which can be found in their website
Finally, anything is happy to you if it is done with the involvement of all of your family members. Anything done for the interest / wish of our beloved ones HAPPINESS would be double for sure.
I remember my kids keeping that bowl and mirror (Son kept the bowl and Daughter kept the mirror in front of me) while SHE was coloring my hair
HAVE A GREAT HAIR DYE....LOL (Laughing out Loud)
Hope you had a great time with me!!!
and NO COMMENTS!..... LOL (Laughing out Loud)
with love, your 
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